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Early Baseball Bat

Spalding Mushroom Knob Baseball Bat Early 1900s Not Hillerich


Vintage Draper Maynard early Wood Baseball Bat No.60 D&M 33" long


Rare & Unusual Antique Early 1900s Double Handled 32.5" Wood Lathe Baseball Bat


1921-24 BABE RUTH 35" 41 Ounce Early Louisville Slugger 40 B.R. VTG Baseball Bat


Vintage Early 1900’s AJ Reach T25 Model A6 Baseball Bat


1902-07 AG SPALDING Autograph Antique Baseball Bat Ex Rare Early


Early Baseball Bat Candy Pencil Container original RARE


Old Baseball Bat Folk Art Piece W Metal Plate Odd Early Primitive Bat Vintage


Antique Louisville Slugger HILLERICH & BRADLEY Mini Baseball Bat Early Vintage


Old Baseball Bat Butch Holtz Winnfield La Early Primitive Bat Flat End Vintage


Old Baseball Bat Flat Bat For Bunting Early Primitive Bat Antique Vintage Rare


Vintage Cox Corp Early Wood Baseball Bat 28 1/2" Little League Memphis Tennessee


Old Baseball Bat Bonnie Laddie Early Primitive Sundial Shoes Advertising


Early 1900s Spalding Gold Medal Decal Baseball Bat




Early 1900’s Antique Burke Titan Bat Logo Baseball Bat 34 inches Ring Bat


Antique Circa 1930's Bonnie Laddie Shoes Advertising Baseball Bat Early Vintage


Early 1960's National League Plastic Mini Baseball Bat Bank - RARE


Vintage Draper Maynard Wood Baseball Bat D&M 35" early Lucky Dog Antique Nice!


Vintage Draper Maynard early Wood Baseball Bat No.72 D&M 31" Lucky Dog Antique


NICE Antique Vtg Early 1910s-20s SPALDING B3 Model 32” 39 Oz Baseball Bat Rare


Vintage Spalding Wood Baseball Bat Ted Williams early Model Great Display! 29"


Vintage Antique Wood Baseball Bat Model 601 Alwood 33" early 1900s Great Display


Vintage Reach early Wood Baseball Bat Decal Logo 34" 'Sweet Spot' Great Display!


Antique 1930s Louisville Slugger Mel Ott 16 Inch Mini Baseball Bat Early Vintage


Vintage Houcks Northern Ash 54 Wood Baseball Bat 33" Antique early 1900s Rare!




Frank "Wildfire" Schulte Early 1900 Louisville Slugger 125 34 3/4" Baseball Bat


RARE Antique Vtg Early 10s RAWLINGS 1R 33” 37oz Professional Decal Baseball Bat


Vintage Official Wood Wiffle Ball early Baseball Bat 32" Great Display Bat Nice!


Early Vintage National League Baseball Bat S6 Special 26 in. Nice 20s 30s era


Vintage Hillerich&Bradsby early No.54H Wood Indoor Baseball Bat 34" Hickory H&B


Early Hillerich & Bradsby H&B Louisville Line Drive No. 4 Baseball Bat


Vintage Antique Wood Baseball Bat Hand Turned Oak 35" early 1900's Folk Art


Vintage Louisville Slugger H&B early Wood Baseball Bat The Bulger Gray 34" Nice!


Early 1900s Draper Maynard DECAL Baseball Bat Flame Burned Finish D


Vintage 1930s Wood Baseball Bat Antique 33" Early Memorabilia Great Display Bat!


Vintage Yale early Wood Baseball Bat 33" Moneco Co.New Haven,Connecticut Antique


Vintage Wilson early Wood Baseball Bat Roger Maris Famous Player Model 31" Nice!


Vintage Bat Rite early Wood Baseball Bat Hanna Mfg Co Athens GA.33" Nice!


Early 1920s Hillerich & Bradsby Kork grip And Decal Indoor Baseball Bat RARE


Vintage JC Higgins early Wood Baseball Bat No.1706 Great Display 33" Memorabilia


Vintage Superior early Wood Baseball Bat 30" Antique Great Display! Memorabilia